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XI'AN OE PHOTONICS CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in semiconductor laser devices sealing and related applications. OE PHOTONICS belongs to Shenzhen group company which is devoted to R&D and production of semiconductor laser devices for over 16 years. The group company covers many industries, such as stage lighting, industrial marking or cutting machines, security and protection, medical cosmetology, and industrial real estate etc.. OE PHOTONICS is located in Caotan ecological industrial park, national economic and technical development zone Xi'an and builds large areas of clean room of thousand level and hundred level. The company owns a high efficient and professional team including R&D, production and sales. With 13 years experience on photonics R&D and production, OE PHOTONICS focus on laser diode, laser infrared lamp and laser cosmetology modules. All the outstanding conditions lead to more market share and good quality. During these years, OE PHOTONICS is widely recognized by the customers. 
XI'AN OE PHOTONICS CO., LTD. insists on "Sincerity, Profession and Efficiency" principles to offer complete products service and technical support for all the customers. And the company regards laser sealing and application promotion as their own responsibility, and the products have filled the blank of the domestic market without whole AuSn sealed laser at low and middle price ranks. OE PHOTONICS would like to collaborate with customers to promote the applications of laser devices in various industries. Now the clients export 98% of their machines and the end-users are spred all over the world especially Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia. OE PHOTONICS has become the domestic large-scale production base of infrared light supply, laser diode and laser devices. Now the company is moving towards the whole semiconductor sealing industries and trying to become the core professional supplier in medical beauty industry and medical industry. The company has confidence to be the top brand of laser beauty, medical, security and protection and other industries.

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