• 2019-11

    From 2018 until now
    Achieved a market share of more than half, and recognition of the industry brand equipment manufacturers, 98% of the manufacturers’ equipment are sold abroad; At the same time for 808 fiber laser project and production has started.
  • 2017-12

    In 2017
    The company took more than 30% of the beauty module market shares, and in the same year, the company successfully broke through the technical difficulty, improved the technical level of the company, diversified development of product applications, and positioned high-end customers in the industry;
  • 2016-11

    In 2016
    Obtained the laser beauty module utility model patent and the laser heat sink design patent;
  • 2015-12

    In 2015
    Start the project of cosmetic laser module, and officially enter the cosmetic medical industry of diode laser sealing;
  • 2014-11

    In 2014
    Start the dimming crystal project, production of TO sealing. And the production quantity is about 300,000 pieces in a month;
  • 2013-12

    In 2013
    The company was rated as a provincial high-tech enterprises;
  • 2012-12

    From the year 2012 to 2015
    Got QS certification ISO9001;
  • 2012-12

    In 2012
    The company's products were rated as China's Security and Protection top ten new products, the company was rated as intellectual property advantage enterprises, Peaceful city construction recommended brand;
  • 2011-12

    In 2011
    The company was rated as Shenzhen security protection industry association member unit, and was rated as China's well-known security brand;
  • 2010-11

    In 2010
    The laser infrared project was rated as the technological innovation project of small and medium-sized enterprises by the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC.;
  • 2010-11

    From the year 2007 to 2010
    Laser infrared lamp is mass produced and widely used in peaceful city, military industry, vehicle system, hospital, dock, public security, prison, highway, subway and railway etc.;
  • 2007-06

    From the year 2006 to June. 2007
    Laser infrared lamp applied in the security industry project development and trial production;
  • 2006-10

    Oct., 2006
    XI’AN OE PHOTONICS CO., LTD is founded in Xi 'an national economic and technological development zone, shaanxi province;


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