Enterprise strength


Time of issue:2019-12-28 00:00:00
1.The core components of our products are all from the top international companies in the industry,and the products have excellent cost performance and consistent performance;
2.Macro channel water-cooled structure sealing,large water flow,heat dissipation ability,not high requirements for water quality,stable performance,are warmly welcomed by customers;
3.Adopting the advanced vacuum sintering technology of Au-Sn hard solders,and the unique air-tight sealing of alloy solders,inert gas protection,effectively avoiding smile effect,thermal fatigue,material performance degradation,and greatly improving product life and stability;
4.The fast axis and slow axis divergence Angle of the chip used in the product is leading in the industry,with unit energy concentration,low drift,stable wavelength and better spot quality;
5.The group has 15 years of experience in semiconductor research and development,sealing,mass production and sales to ensure the stability of products and the timeliness of later diversified product development,thus driving more cooperation among customers;
6.Our products in the industry take more than 50%market share,more powerful to ensure the consistency and stability of a large number of products,to provide customers with a longer life cycle of product security and service.

Material--Finished Products Quality Control Inspection Pictures

Time of issue:2019-12-28 00:00:00


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